Monday, November 1, 2010

5 things I learnt about twitter this weekend

I felt really lucky this weekend. I had a really selfish, indulgent weekend. "Me time" is probably what I'd best call it. I'm feeling a little guilty, as the children spent less time with me, hence my wife took up the slack and subsequent workload that I'd created for her.

Part of this "me time" I used by trying to get my head around this social media maze - I really want to embrace it, but I do struggle if I'm honest with you. The last attempt I made at writing a blog for example, was at the beginning of the year and now the clocks have gone back as we approach the end of 2010. I've now promised to stop concerning myself with having to write a blog, but to simply pen something when I feel I have something worth saying or to get something off my chest.

So whilst I spent time looking to learn a wee bit more about social media, one thing I did learn from following a number of threads (aware this makes me appear potentially voyeuristic!) on twitter was how some people appeared to be using the platform to be downright rude in a flagrant attempt to "big themselves up" and somehow appear important or relevant. I learnt that there is a minority who use twitter to shout at others, to poo-poo others views, to act aggressively and demean others understanding or view point of the world. In fact in certain instances, individuals were being completely ANTI-SOCIAL. And I was under the illusion being SOCIAL was a pre-requisite?? The raison d'ĂȘtre.

I am sure that these people are, when you meet them, completely sane, law abiding, interesting and lovely people (lets assume that for now anyway!). But like those fruit cakes who lose their minds when they get behind the wheel of a car, something overrides any common sense they were in possession of to begin with and they become a frenzied loon.

So my ultimate take out from all of this was setting myself 5 twitter rules that I will self police and apply religiously to myself and the people I follow.

  1. Respect others opinions and that they may not always reflect my own.
  2. Feel free to disagree, but do so with dignity and without demeaning the originator.
  3. Don't use passion and beliefs as a way of hiding behind being rude to others, It doesn't wash and is a tad insulting, to say the least.
  4. Use serious, informative topics that will impart knowledge and learning to others, feeling free to be trivial too.
  5. Remember to have fun along the way and don't take yourself myself too seriously.

Have a good week one and all and maybe see you on twitter one day!


  1. Nice Andy!

    I have my 'set of rules' when i get people following me - I check the profile, and whether they engage with people (the use of @) - neither means no follow.

    Also I hate endless quotes and continual self publicity >> unfollow!

    Maintain your own standards and let eveyone else shoot themselves in their feet! LOL


  2. The problem I have with twitter is the number of inane comments versus the number of memorable or funny ones - my life is already too random to be bothered with it - but well done for trying to bring some dignity to the whole process.

  3. Thanks -the reaction I've had via twitter etc has been amazing and is heartening to know there is a real desire to eradicate poor practices.
    On another note, I've also learnt people hate eblogger and I'm going to migrate to summat else! Wordpress perhaps?